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You have found the place of your dreams, but it is a Right of Possession. (ROP). This legal form in Panama can sometimes be tricky and almost impossible to guarantee 100%.

15 years of experience, an in-depth analysis of the situation and certain rules to respect allow us to get closer. The hidden defect can be very difficult to uncover, if not impossible.

It is therefore necessary to redouble your attention. We can help you with this process.

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The processes for purchasing Real Estate in Panama are not always as secure as they should be and can sometimes lead to litigation or even the loss of large sums of money such as a deposit for example.

Apart from the legal aspect which is absolutely not our domain, a certain number of common sense rules to respect are essential in order to guarantee your investment during the process until the final signature of your purshase.

We can give you some basic ideas to exploit that are often ignored and however are essential.