Floating Lodge


Floating Lodge

Lovely overwater bungalow with a floating structure of 6m x 8m in treated pine, which can be moved.
It consists of a bright and colorful bedroom with a Queen size bed, an office area, a refrigerator, and a bathroom with shower, bathroom sink, toilet, and water reserve. It would be very easy to equip it with a small kitchen.
A terrace with its ladder allows you to enjoy swimming directly.
Its palm roof ensures an indisputable freshness to spend pleasant nights.

This floating, movable bungalow fits perfectly into a Bed and Breakfast project, which allows immediate modularity of your reception structure, both to expand and to reduce your activity. It is easy to moor it to the mangrove, with two anchors on the front or two small concrete blocks in the water, and connect it.

Price: USD$28,000

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