Finca coffee 4 ha

Coffee Estate

Land: plus or less 4 hectares of land, for which 2/3 are moderately undulating, the rest of the land is more abrupt, but usable.

Coffee trees: plus or less 2 hectares of coffee plantations, (including some Geisha trees), with the possibility of adding plus or less 1 hectares of coffee trees or any other type of plantation.

Annual coffee production: plus or less 2 tonnes of coffee.

Fruits trees: corosoliers trees, biliba trees, bread trees, lemon trees, orange trees, cinnamon trees, plantain trees, coconut trees, apple trees, mulberry tree, and many more.

Two streams of clear, cool water.

Fully furnish house: the foot print area is approximately 84 m2 (904 sqft) with 2 levels, 2 bedrooms with possibility to make 3.

Price: USD$ 500,000
Square Feet:4 ha