Triton 48 to be restaured


Triton 48 to be restaured

Triton 48 to restore.
The main post to restore are: osmosis treatment, engine, floor plus some woodwork, infiltrations, valve to change, electronic.
The standing rigging and the sails are in good condition.
This boat has not been sailing for 5 years and needs a complete refit.
Current Pavilion: Antigua + Society
Draft: 1.80 m
Length: 48 feet
Weight 11 tons
width: 4.50 m
Cabins: 3
Bathroom: 2
1 Wheel bar
Gantry for dinguy
This boat is very good walker, and goes very well upwind.

Pictures of the boat on request

Price: USD$25,000
Address:Bocas del Toro
City:Bocas del Toro
Year Built:1993

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